If you want to improve your results, improve your communication.

It’s all in the story you tell.

I was looking for a class to improve my presentation and delivery skills and what I found in Matthew’s class was so much more. This workshop will change your life.

Melissa Ebone

A common misperception about storytelling is the art of telling a fable or folk tale in an engaging and expressive way. Well, your own stories should be told in a equally engaging way and you don’t even have to write the script or memorize the lines.

Matthew has a rare combination of empathy and directness that helps storytellers of all abilities to find the true meaning of their stories and then bring them to life onstage. —Keith Rains

I learned an amazing amount about performance, storytelling, and how to structure a story in an amazingly small amount of time. I’m a slow learner… He’s a genius! —Pam O’Mara

Storytelling Workshop 
next date: Saturday, April 6
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Learn how to express your inner narrative in a relaxed atmosphere. The workshop will include four main areas:

  • Finding Your Story
  • Crafting Your Story
  • Presenting Your Story
  • Pulling It All Together

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Matthew Taylor