Matthew Taylor Storyteller

Provided by Persuasion through Narrative

Harness the irresistible power of storytelling

The Storytelling Workshop :: Learn the Skills

Learn to persuade through narrative subconsciously and effortlessly by simply telling a story.

With Persuasion through Narrative discover why stories are such an important weapon in your arsenal.  Acquire the skills to develop a story and incorporate it into your business practices.

The workshop covers story structure; how information is absorbed and recalled, how it applies to all facets of your business, practical tools and tips to improve your storytelling, and presentational skills. We will also use this opportunity to create an awareness of how space and status influences every interaction.

We simplify the process by returning to the core of what you know best and are most comfortable with: your own stories. Together we relax, laugh and learn while exploring your personal narrative. The valuable lessons learned become second nature and are subconsciously weaved into all facets of your work.

Attendees go through four stages during this completely hands-on storytelling workshop.

a) Find Your Story

b) Craft Your Story

c) Present Your Story

d) Pulling it all Together

Storytelling is at the heart of our shared human experience.

Matthew’s workshops have created fundamental shifts in the way my lawyers are communicating about cases and clients.

Shawna Geiger, Training Director, Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel.

Valuable knowledge, wit, brand new insights, appreciation for nuance, and warmth continuously tumble out of Matthew.

—Creseda Riccardi