NOVEMBER 8: When a famous, or is that infamous, international author like myself writes an entertaining book like Goat Lips through an independent publisher, the education curve is quite extensive. As any of you who have read the book, in the foreward, Linda Klein beautifully illustrates the journey of “birthing a book.” But, that was only the beginning.

I have had the pleasure of working with amazing women (is this a pattern…?) who are tenderly teaching me about the endless online tools to share my hilarious tales with the masses. We are now onto Step #436 – how to become an Amazon Best Seller.

This is where you come in. BUY MY BOOK ON NOVEMBER 8 via Amazon.

Step 1:  Wake up on November 8

Step 2:  Open one of your many devices that has an internet connection

Step 3:  Buy my book, Goat Lips – Tales of a Lapsed Englishman for $14.95

Step 4:  If you live in the Denver Metro Area, raise a glass of celebration at The Walnut Room, 5p – 7p and watch Matthew kiss a live goat!

Step 5:  (If you don’t live in the Denver Metro area) – enjoy the rest of your Sunday with friends or family and watch the Goat Kissing on Youtube!

One thought on “My Book as an Amazon Best Seller! Wow!!

  1. Hello Matthew,
    I was at Kami’s seminar the other day and was excited to buy a couple of books on Amazon today in support of you (and for early Christmas shopping!). When I go on Amazon I don’t seem to be able to buy your book directly from Amazon for $14.95. I only have the option of buying through others at a variety of prices.

    Are you in any local bookstores? I would love to get a couple of books and got over to your table too late the other day.

    Many thanks,
    Kristin Regan

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